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Max. drilling capacity (manual) 30 mm
Width of face milling 76 mm
Max. drilling capacity (auto-feed) 18 mm
Max. tapping capacity M16 / M20
Max. distance spindle nose - table 380 mm
Max. distance spindle nose - base *
Max. distance spindle nose - column 272 mm
Diameter of column (Ø) 115 mm
Spindle speed 50 - 2520 rpm
Spindle speed steps 6
Max. travel of spindle 110 mm
Spindle feed range 0.12;0.19;0.26 mm/o
Spindle taper MK 4
T-slots 14 mm
Table dimensions (L x W) 730 X 210 mm
Travel of cross table (X-;Y-) 500 x 175 mm
Base dimension (L x W) *
Main motor 0,85 / 1,1 kW
Machine dimension (D x W x H) 605 x 400 x 1100mm
Machine weight 260 kg
PRICE excl. VAT 
Powerfull two steps motor Mill chuck Ø80 mm
Silent gear wheel drive Drill chuck 1 - 16 mm B18
Auto - feeding spindle Tool holder bit MK4 - B18
Automatic thread cutting Reducing sleeve MK4 - MK2
Drill depth stop Reducing sleeve MK4 - MK3
Rotate of the head 90° Key for drill chuck
Spindle with precision ball bearings Manuals
Heavy-duty construction for industrial use
Precise cross table